nail nail noun 1. a thin hard layer covering the outer tip of the fingers or toes • 指甲;趾甲:
»Stop biting your nails!
»nail clippers
--› see also fingernail , toenail 2. a small thin pointed piece of metal with a flat head, used for hanging things on a wall or for joining pieces of wood together • 钉;钉子:
»She hammered the nail in.
--› compare screw n. (1), tack n. (3) 【IDIOMS】 a nail in sbˈs / sthˈs ˈcoffin • something that makes the end or failure of an organization, sbˈs plans, etc. more likely to happen • 导致失败的事物;导致某事终结之物 on the ˈnail (BrE, informal) (of payment 付款) • without delay • 立刻;马上;毫不拖延:
»Theyˈre good customers who always pay on the nail.
--› more at fight v., hard adj., hit v., tough adj. verb [VN] 1. to fasten sth to sth with a nail or nails • (用钉子)钉牢,固定:
»I nailed the sign to a tree.
2. (informal) to catch sb and prove they are guilty of a crime or of doing sth bad • 抓获并证明有罪;抓住:
»The police havenˈt been able to nail the killer.
3. (informal) to prove that sth is not true • 证明…不属实;揭露;揭发:
»We must nail this lie.
4. (NAmE, informal) to achieve sth or do sth right, especially in sport • (尤指体育运动中)获得,赢得,击中:
»He nailed a victory in the semi-finals.
nail your colours to the ˈmast (especially BrE) • to say publicly and firmly what you believe or who you support • 公开宣称;公开表态 【PHR V】 ˌnail sth∽ˈdown 1. to fasten sth down with a nail or nails • (用钉子)将…钉牢,将…固定 2. to reach an agreement or a decision, usually after a lot of discussion • 达成一致;作出决定:
»All the parties seem anxious to nail down a ceasefire.
ˌnail sb∽ˈdown (to sth) • to force sb to give you a definite promise or tell you exactly what they intend to do • 迫使明确保证(或准确说出想做之事) 【SYN】 pin down :
»She says sheˈll come, but I canˈt nail her down to a specific time.
ˌnail sth∽ˈup 1. to fasten sth to a wall, post, etc. with a nail or nails • 用钉子将…固定到(墙上、柱子上等) 2. to put nails into a door or window so that it cannot be opened • 用钉子封住,封死(门或窗)
* * *
n. 指甲, 釘, 釘子
vt. 釘, 將...釘牢

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.


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